For You

I feel like one of the seven dwarves;
My feelings never come short.
You’re the snow white.
Your beauty’s to die for.
I don’t know what you cry for.
Behind close and open doors,
You’re the one i’ll ride for.
Only if you’re a ride or die.
Cunning, confident & compassionate
I can be that type if guy.
So don’t be compassionless.
Tell me if it’s a hit or miss.
I don’t wanna go in blind,
Feels like a game of battleships.
If it’s a matter of war,
Then im attacking it.
Most of these guys try to run game,
Well im tracking it.
You’re ready for the fall.
I’m already catching it…
I won’t let you down.
All this time i’ve been practicing…
For you.

- Claude Page

Hope my lucks changing.

Black luster.
Sadness comes in clusters.
Misery needs company;
Thats why you love the company.
Do you really love her?
Do you even trust her?
Do you like how she looks?
No questions needed.
She’s an open book…
No need to judge the cover.
You can tell who she is;
By getting under the covers.
Investigation with no evidence.
I need an under cover;
To uncover whats evident.
Mountain of problems;
Rather climb mount everest.
I don’t ever rest,
My whole life’s become a mess,
I feel like ending it..
This is how we’re ending it?
Sometimes the feelings lifeless.
You rather see me lifeless.
“Let this be a life lesson”..
I have the rest of my life to listen.
So you can tell me what im missing.
But nobodies missing.
Time away. I was easily forgotten.
By the people that spoiled me rotten
I know you wish for me to rot in…
The cold bars with no clocks.
Frozen time that stops the aging.
How is my life up for waging?
I hope my luck’s changing.

- Claude Page

Short Love Story.

Took a chance with love
And just like that it was done.
Finished before the story even begun
You’re on to a new chapter,
I cant even flip the page.
Waiting for asthon,
Because this shit must be staged.
All the shit we made,
Telling me i was just a game you played.
Kinda wish you stayed;
So that i could fucking break your heart.
Even if i knew if from the start;
Would i do it all over again?
The problem is..
Only one of us could pretend.

- Claude Page

awakenedphilosopher said: hey, thanks for the follow, I'm digging your poetry. I feel like we have fairly similar styles, which, for some reason, is something I haven't come across too often on here, so I look forward to seeing you in my dashboard :)

I read some of you’re stuff. I’d say you’ve definitely got talent.
- CP

lutherhughes said: hey! yeah, i do like your poetry! and i like how you put a photo with it..i had to follow!

thank you man, i love the support.
- CP

futuresinner said: Love Your Poems! <3

Thank you

- CP

forever-blesssings said: hello! :) your words are so meaningfull! you must be proud you have a glorious tumblr!! :P i hope you have a nice day :)

:D thank you

myhiddendesire said: Hey! I think its pretty good, it is more like telling a story in poetry format.
Everyone has their own style, if you haven't discovered yours, you will. specially after reading other writer´s work. I assure you will be inspired to try new things until you find what really suits you.
Keep writing!!!

I’ve really been trying to. Thank you.

cocosmodernlife said: I read through the first couple pages of your blog, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Your poetry is very good, and you have a very raw, relatable style. I really am no good at critiques. My only suggestion is to read your poems out loud to hear if the rhyme scheme works. I found that helps me to keep it consistent through-out. But, your content and wording is wonderful. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you on my dash.

Thank. I’ll keep doing it :)


Inbred behavior cause for malice.
Breathe.. Breathe.
Leap without faith, no talents.
But you can’t breathe.
you pray, but don’t believe,
Choking on disbelief.
Fathom the truth you behold.
Cough out unspoken words,
Church teaches you “God”.
God was here before the church.
Please breathe.

- Claude Page