awakenedphilosopher asked: hey, thanks for the follow, I'm digging your poetry. I feel like we have fairly similar styles, which, for some reason, is something I haven't come across too often on here, so I look forward to seeing you in my dashboard :)

I read some of you’re stuff. I’d say you’ve definitely got talent.
- CP

lutherhughes asked: hey! yeah, i do like your poetry! and i like how you put a photo with it..i had to follow!

thank you man, i love the support.
- CP

futuresinner asked: Love Your Poems! <3

Thank you

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forever-blesssings asked: hello! :) your words are so meaningfull! you must be proud you have a glorious tumblr!! :P i hope you have a nice day :)

:D thank you

myhiddendesire asked: Hey! I think its pretty good, it is more like telling a story in poetry format.
Everyone has their own style, if you haven't discovered yours, you will. specially after reading other writer´s work. I assure you will be inspired to try new things until you find what really suits you.
Keep writing!!!

I’ve really been trying to. Thank you.

cocosmodernlife asked: I read through the first couple pages of your blog, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Your poetry is very good, and you have a very raw, relatable style. I really am no good at critiques. My only suggestion is to read your poems out loud to hear if the rhyme scheme works. I found that helps me to keep it consistent through-out. But, your content and wording is wonderful. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you on my dash.

Thank. I’ll keep doing it :)


Inbred behavior cause for malice.
Breathe.. Breathe.
Leap without faith, no talents.
But you can’t breathe.
you pray, but don’t believe,
Choking on disbelief.
Fathom the truth you behold.
Cough out unspoken words,
Church teaches you “God”.
God was here before the church.
Please breathe.

- Claude Page

Rippling Effect

Your existence strives to blend in.
If you existence to blend,
you’re merely a ripple in my vast bottomless abyss sea if tainted with unbearable knowledge.
I am the ruler of this dimension.
I control the current of emotion.
Indecisive decisions.
As i said you are merely a ripple.

- Claude Page


You said the last time was the last time.
You seem to be around only when you need to pass time.
I even attempt to get passed all the past times.
When you were wrong and I was right,
And to think that all my reactions were just out of spite.
My resolve was heavy, but which you made light,
While carrying the burden of being a burden.
I kept eating the thoughts of being eaten,
I was the choir preaching to the preaching.
If you can’t learn from my mistakes, then who am I to be teaching?
Implemented values made by the valued,
Everyone else like me gets secluded.
Which makes us the impoverished.
So I’ll stay way beyond away
Outside trying to find a way.
Outside clearing my mind while you clearly don’t have the time. 
And to think all of this time made me lose the piece of mind.

- Claude Page


Forcing myself to move on even though I can’t.
Everyone pretends to care,
But they don’t care to understand.
I tried, you cried, you lied and so did I.
Everybody expects me to lose all of these feelings overnight.
Because you began to display a darker side.
I took advantage of you while you were in pain.
I know you’re hurting so much;
Physically and emotionally drained.
Actions went out of hand, no time to think.
I’m sure that…
I’m positive that I’m the reason your tears fill the sink. 
I’ve been handling you man to man,
Because you get me so angry.
Sometimes I forget you have the gentlest hands.
Eye shadow running down the seams of your face.
We should have taken it slow.
No time to set the pace.
Even though you smile, I know it kills you inside.
You think it’s all your fault
We both need to regain our pride.
You’re fragile, but strong.
So don’t forget I have faith in you.
Even though I consistently do you wrong.
I can’t say I wasn’t happy to see you that day,
But I’m sad.
It could have went so many different ways.
I love you.
I know you love me too.
I’m sorry.

- Claude Page

"Everything happens for a reason"